45-Chicken breast

46-High Spine

47-Veal tenderloin

48-Sirloin Tips

sautéed with garlic

49-Sirloin Tips

sautéed with wild mushrooms.

50-Chili with meat

served with tortilla chips, melted cheese and rice.

51-Pork ribs

with barbecue sauce or devil sauce (spicy).


52- Fish and chips

tempura cod, served with jalapeño aioli, cilantro and garnish.

53- Grilled salmon

served with coleslaw and potatoes.

54-Classic Burger

250gr. Black Angus, gherkin, red onion, tomato, Gouda cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise sauce and mustard.

55-London Burger

250 gr. Black Angus, lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion, fried egg and fried bacon.

56-Spicy Mexican burger

250 gr. Black Angus, with poached bell pepper and onion, cheddar cheese, jalapeños and hot jalapeño sauce.

57-Doble Angus burger

500 gr. Black Angus, double cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion.

58- French fries

59-Texan rice

60-Wheat tortillas (4)

61-Roasted potatoes with jalapeño and cilantro aioli

62-Roasted potato with chili con carne and cheddar cheese

63-Refried beans

64-Black beans

65-Fried onion

66-Cob of corn

Sauces to combine with your meat:

-Guacamole – Jalapeños -Ranchera -Barbecue – Diablo (spicy) -Pepper -Mushrooms -Sour Cream